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Alcoa, TN | Blount County


April 29, 2014

Terrible if you have a girl. A lot of cliques, and pressure to wear certain clothes. I really doubt those test scores, bc everyone in my daughter's sophomore class was under 40%. They are lying because they have that 80 million dollar school that's being built and they need as many students to attend so they get money from the government. My daughter will be transferring to Hardin Valley next year. Don't send your child based on these reviews that are coming from teachers and stafff!! They are bogus and there's a lot of bullying going on. So disappointed. This school used to be good!

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August 23, 2007

The teachers at Alcoa High school are amazing! So is the attention and education they get.

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June 12, 2006

A great school. Lots of big school amenities but small town feel. Huge football program (consecutive State Champs) and lots of community support. They can provide accelerated programs for students needing more challenging courses. All three schools are conveniently located together (elementary, middle, and high schools). Also, this school is next to the community center, public pool, and park so that parents can provide their children with alternate & affordable after-school activities (other than those provided from the school.) There is no ROTC program available, but they were looking into this the last time I checked. This school is on a year-round schedule, making for a slightly shorter summer break, but then it is more than compensated in that you get 2 week breaks at the end of each grading period (in addition to regular holidays.) This makes for more flexibility in planning family vacations thoughout the year. Nice!

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