East Exit Listing Program

Whether you're in the market to buy or sell real estate, getting stuck in a long-term contract with a Realtor who doesn't aggressively work for you, at marketing your home or finding you a new home, can become your worst nightmare!

What most buyers and sellers don't realize is that the listing contract or buyer agency contract that you sign when deciding to work with a real estate agent, does not have a release clause in it.  Unless the broker takes pity on you (which doesn't happen often, believe me!) you are tied to that Realtor until that contract expires.

This situation can cost you not only valuable time but MONEY as well!  And isn't your bottom line what it's all about?

When you list your home through our Easy Exit Listing Guarantee, you can cancel your listing with us at any time.  No hassles.  It's easy.  It’s Guaranteed!

We have strong opinions about real estate services.  We believe that if you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should have the power to FIRE your agent.  It takes a strong belief in the quality of one's service to make this kind of stand, but we never settle for less than the highest professional standards from our agents.  We are confident you will be happy with our service and results.  That's a simple truth!  We always stand by our service.

The Guarantee:  If you’re unhappy with the service we are providing you, we ask that you first discuss it with us because we would like the opportunity to improve.  Simply tell us the problem and give us seven days to fix it.  If you are still unhappy, simply ask for an unconditional release in writing. You’ll have your release in writing, and you’ll receive a copy of the MLS data sheet showing "Cancelled" status within 48 hours of receipt of your request.